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Jun 30, 2011 11:00pm PDT
, people! give me somebody truly different. >> i personally think michele bachman, your colleague, is going to be a real challenger to mitt romney. >> jon: there you go, michele bachman. she couldn't be more different. he's a man. she's a lady. he's tall. she's short. he looks directly into the camera. she looks just to the right of it. ( laughter ) her campaign got off to a running start when she declared her candidacy in her birth place of waterloo, iowa. >> what i want them to know is just like john wayne was from woortly, iowa, that's the spirit i have, too. >> it looks like she got her john waynes confused. john wayne lived about 150 miles away from waterloo. john wayne gacy, who raped and killed 33 men and boys did live in waterloo before his killing spree began. ( laughter ) >> jon: how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo! i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. ( laughter ) just got implants. nice going, michele bachman. i'm sure she endeared herself to her home town. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. ( laugh
Jul 13, 2011 6:00am PDT
us. the christian counseling center that michelle bachman owns with her husband, under scrutiny after they told a gay man that god would perform a miracle and he can no longer be gay. is this a political problem for her now? >> it is, because you have pictures showing her forging ahead at the top of the field in iowa. and this is after the marriage vow incident. it kind of makes her come off as a flake, and most of america don't like flakes. she is becoming their front runner. >> dana? >> yeah, exactly. i'm trying to understand the drama here. so we have an individual who actively seeks out a clinic, and in his own admission is told by the therapist at this clinic, you know, not everyone is able to stop being gay or whatever, and that's okay. they gloss over that entire part of his written account of this. so i'm trying to understand if they're -- if people are trying to get all dramatic against michelle bachman because she's becoming a front runner in the gop field? it's insane. >> pete, before we go to you, cornell, i said mike wallace. mike would be upset with me. chris wallace ask
Jul 2, 2011 5:30pm EDT
] >> you mean it is unfair to throw michele bachman in the same boat with sarah palin? i think she emerged from that comparison monday night. i think michele bachman is magnificent and i also think you can't win the presidency from the house of representatives. if any of you are from minnesota you better go back and do some organizing so she can run for governor or at least senate. you see they take my orders. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. [applause] >> please form an orderly line. ann coulter will be signing books. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> nice to see you again. you are such a great man. i keep seeing you at these things and don't get to talk to you. >> you have a lot of fans here but i want to say hello. nice to see you. >> broke spier's. nice to meet you. for judy -- [inaudible conversations] >> very nice young man. >> that one is for steven and judy. >> for stephen and who? [inaudible conversations] >> the third one is actually 9. supposed to be to marry kate and diane. >> you are not mary kate. >> last time i saw you -- >
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm CDT
.com/trib-u thanks jennifer >>of next to the chronic health problem that gop presidential hopeful michele bachman reportedly suffers from ... could affect her ability to serve as president? and they are all current current students at the university of illinois in champaign live music this midday from alternative pop rockers good luck jane ... ÷ just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. president obama and top lawmakers will meet at the white house today to discuss a potential breakthrough and the battle of the country's bulging debt. a group of republican and democratic senators are proposing reducing the deficit by 3.7 trillion dollars over 10 years the spending cuts and tax hikes the president is supporting this plan the group includes illinois democratic senator dick durbin we spoke with dick durbin and republican congressman adam cans and her about the proposal .
Jul 20, 2011 2:00pm PDT
hopeful. should ba michelle bachman help? a newly declared famine and a difficult decision for saving lives versus working with terrorists. you are in "the situation room" >> jack cafferty is here with the cafferty file. >> michelle bachman is on a roll. the "wall street journal" poll found the minnesota congresswoman in second place. among candidates for president among mitt romney. the second poll that got her in second place. she came out on top in three of the four most recent polls with likely voters in the iowa caucuses they reported yesterday bachman suffers from debail tating migraine headaches they are bad enough she has to be taken to the hospital to be treated. three aides to bachman who spoke recalled incidents where she couldn't work and missed house boats because of the migraines. another staffer told politico it's common to retreat to the private office and close the door and shut off the lights, sometimes for hours while wait figurar i headache to pass. on the campaign trail, bachman admitted she suffers from migraines and takes medication to treat them, but downplayed
Jul 17, 2011 11:35pm EDT
michele bachman tim pawlenty, and newt gingrich. it will start at 3:00 p.m.. questions can be treated. here is a look at the week ahead for the nationals and d.c. united. the nationals had to houston for three games against the astros. then it is onto los angeles to take on the dodgers. d.c. united takes on the revolution on wednesday. then ever written comes to town for a special game on saturday july 23. the redskins have yanked 10,000 seats out of fedex field. with thousands of people on a wait list for season tickets why remove the seeds? the team said it was not because the tickets would not sell. more on the seat saba -- saga. this coming season, the red sox war world will be thinned a thousand voices because the team will remove those seats from above the end zone. >> there was consensus from the fans as to whether they want the seats are not -- i think it is a disservice to the fans. >> the redskins tried to sell the upper deck seats but no one wanted to buy them. a team spokesman says there is more to the story. kelly spent years on the waiting list for season tickets. she go
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
at 3:00. michelle bachman and rick santorum will take part among others. for more information on how to submit your questions, log on to our web site >>> the army psychiatrist accused of gunning down fellow soldiers in an attack two years ago will be arraigned in a military court room today. a judge will ask him to enter a plea before setting a trial date. he faces 13 murder charges, and 32 attempted murder charges in the 2009 attack. if convicted he faces the death penalty. military losses suspects charged in death penalty cases are not allowed to plead guilty. the man accused of firing shots at the pentagon and other military buildings will also appear in court this afternoon on unrelated charges. his appearance in court is for a series of serious -- serial break-ins. he is being held currently without bond. he was behind the shootings at the pentagon, are marine corps museum and recruiting stations last fall. it was obtained on trespassing charges related to a suspicious vehicle scare at the pentagon. >>> coming up at noon, a geyser of water drenching homes. a
FOX News
Jul 1, 2011 6:00am EDT
is michelle bachman under fire? is the main stream media waging war on conservative women? brent bozelle is here next. ♪ >> the 2012 presidential race is heating up and so are the main stream media's attacks on conservatives. take a look at michelle bachman getting grilled by another news outlet. >> earlier this year, you said that the founding fathers who wrote the constitution and the declaration of independence worked tirelessly to end slavery. now, with respect, congresswoman, that's just not true. many of them, including jefferson and washington, were actually slaveholders and slavery didn't end until the civil war. >> brent bozelle has been monitoring this situation. thank you for joining us. >> sure. my pleasure. >> brent, i want to get to you weigh in here about what you've just heard. what mr. stephanopoulos is talking about is a quote she made in january. you said this before, but it's really kind of harkening back, why do you think that this is happening with michelle bachman specifically? >> because they don't like her. there are a couple things going on. one, it will be --
Jul 3, 2011 8:00am PDT
will restructure in the government. >> if you wanna know more about his campaign total his website. michele bachman from minnesota shows current and met romney in a dead heat >> gop candidate michele bachman chat with people as she took her bus tour through wear a state >> it is so wonderful the way back, an iowa >> the minnesota of congress one eye we wanna do very well here with the election coming up in august we're looking forward to >> this is less than a week when she an officially announced her candidacy. >> i was first in the nation eye accounts it is important that we come pierre >> not all candidates are participating in that poll. >> still to come on kron 4 news sports and highlights and the giants to one not a big. another look outside it golden gate bridge and look at that no fog and hardly any traffic that is even better will be back in just a minute it is either alabama's out there the giants beat the tigers 15-3 the giants have won the last nine of their games. meanwhile the diamondbacks defeated the a's. the diamondbacks want a four-two and in she won the first title she is only 21
FOX News
Jul 20, 2011 10:00am PDT
for michelle bachman. the republican hopeful who suffers from debilitating migraines like so many americans is now being told that she needs to release her medical records, even by some that she should drop out of the race. is this necessary? we're going to talk to monica crowley about that, she weighs in on the newest attack on the gop hopeful who is rising quickly in the polls. alaska has grizzly bears, months ankara boo, but does the state have its very own loc locness monster? that is coming up. we'll show you who the cops are questioning in the disappearance of this young woman. >> anybody see clay waller? come on up here and tell everybody how bad you miss your wife and you want her back again and everything, and i mean that's what i would do if my wife come up missing. so i guess he's not here. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balan
FOX News
Jul 12, 2011 6:00am EDT
a poll, and turns out michelle bachman is at the top of the poll and she leads by two or three points over mitt romney. it's early but shows she's for real. it also means she's in the crosshairs for attack. >> yeah. there is the michelle bachman derangement is in fill flown. keith elson from minnesota was doing a q and a and listen as he equates conserve tests to extremists and invokes her name. >> i client hosted a forum in my district called women's rights in the era of extremism. these same people who want to shrink government so you can drive it in the bathtub, also want mom to get back in the kitchen and take her shoes off and get pregnant. you understand? they are offended by a strong powerful women and here's the sad part, some of them are women themselves. michelle bachman being an example. >> let me just say this, as a strong, powerful woman, that is offensive. that is offensive. how dare you say that about any woman? you don't know what she wants. you don't know that she thinks it's okay to be back in the kitchen and pregnant. are you kidding me? she wouldn't be running for
Jul 19, 2011 2:00pm PDT
michelle bachman would carry out presidential duties we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. political headlines and jeannie moos straight ahead. you are in "the situation room" . >> a remarkable scandal with the media empire with british police and government. he was grilled with his son and a former top deputy in a sense expect cal that included a physical attack on the media mogul. dan rivers is in london with details >> this is the most humbling day of my life. >> this was how rupert murdoch started. he had no idea what was about to literally hit him. what would have been a secure hearing room, a personal attack on one of the world's most powerful media tycoons. his wife with a shaving cream pie off camera. as the police run in, it was clear that mr. murdoch was unhurt. before that, rupert sought to distance himself from the news of the world thought to be one of his favorite titles. >> this is not an excuse. here's the one with less than 1% of our company and 53,000 people around the world. we have prior and great and unethical and distinguished peo
FOX News
Jul 20, 2011 7:00pm PDT
ties with the tea party wing where michelle bachman was sprung into the national spot light. he immediately becomes a legitimate first tier contender. >> greta: i find it curious that romney is as far ahead as he is right now because he has been virtually invisible. a report today that he spent $5 million in the last three months campaigning. obviously not in iowa. but he has been invisible. >> and all of the other candidates are trying to engage him because they know that he is the frontrunner. he is choosing his spots and going against the president and is not really actively engaging in the cam page. you see governor pawlenty talking about the miles he is putting on in rvs in iowa. you will not see anything like that from governor romney. >> greta: the question i would like answered from governor romney. he has been successful financially. that doesn't necessarily mean that you are good at creating jobs. what was he doing in the '80s, creating jobs or not creating jobs? i want to see the hard numbers. i don't think he has been put through the test yet. that is a hard question
FOX News
Jul 20, 2011 10:00pm PDT
in iowa is tonight, who wins? >> michelle bachman clearly ahead in the polls right now. a mini version of that in ames about a month from now. that will be a great measuring point and way that they line up after michele bachmann if she is the winner there will be interesting. where do we see pawlenty and romney and perry. >> greta: and as luck could have it fox news channel has the debate right before the straw poll. we got the good positioning on that one. >> book your rooms in ames. >> greta: we'll have that. if she wins tonight in a caucus tonight in iowa and goes on to new hampshire tomorrow, romney is back where he has a summer home, is that when takes over? >> i think romney presumes to be the frontrunner in new hampshire. i don't think anybody is locked up, though. we are six months out. when you get into the heat of the battle odd things happen. having rick perry is an unknown dynamic. he looks good from the outside. once he gets in and gets roughed up a little bit, how does he weather it. >> greta: senator rick santorum, i keep getting e-mails of people he locked up as endorse
Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm EDT
race. a conservative political website has reported representative michele bachman gets treatment for chronic migraine headaches, the report cited anonymous quotes from three former aides. one questioning her ability to run the nation saying the severe headaches were triggered by stress. obviously the health of a presidential candidate is a legitimate concern for voters. it has set off a firestorm. conservatives say she is being targeted. liberals are saying, hey, this is sexist. okay, joining us now to talk about the medical and political implications are dr. jessica iloni, director of the headache center at georgetown university hospital and david hawkings, editor of roll call daily briefing. >> doctor, these episodes that they are describing where she gets one of these migraines, lights off, incapacitated even more than a day. is that feasible? >> it is feasible. it is quite common for people with migraines to suffer from severe headaches that requires them to be in dark rooms, avoid eating because they get severe nausea and vomiting. the laid sounds become very irritating. typ
Jul 28, 2011 10:00pm EDT
knows the answer. constitutional scholar michelle bachman doesn't understand the 14th amendment. >> he would be making spending decisions and tax decisions. clearly that's unconstitutional. >> we'll review the document for her. and while republicans hold the economy hostage, nobody's thinking about putting americans back to work. tonight, my commentary on how washington and big business need to start hiring. good to have you with us tonight, folks. it's an unbelievable day of news coming out of washington, d.c. house speaker john boehner, i guess you could say is finding out the hard way that a stiff drink and round of golf just isn't going to solve this problem. the speaker is politically hog-tied in his own caucus. he doesn't have the votes. the american people are now witnessing the hourglass being turned on the american economy. going to be a lot of losers if they don't get it together. disaster looms and the tea partiers just don't seem to give a damn. a vote on boehner's bill was scheduled for 6:15 tonight. it never happened. boehner is still trying to strong arm the tea party me
Jul 11, 2011 5:30am EDT
consiiered the front tea paaty favorite michelle &pbachman has drawn a lot of expected to do well in the newt gingrichhhas high name high negative resppnses from registered voterr. the wild cards could be two people who rrce, texas governor rick the perry aad sarah palin.evan osborne comes ffoo a family of says the winner will be thh e - messaae."if i were a republican, i would say &pgive me one term and if at th end of one term you're not &psatisfied with theejob i've dooe, you have the chance to vote me out of office." capitalizing on the staggering economy and stagnnnt unnmploymeet will be tough. university of aryland professor ppter orici says republicans shouldn't rely on their decaads old mantra of cutting taxes to ssimulate this economy."cuttiig taxxs riiht now would take the deficit over $22trillioo, ittwill cause our bond rating to plunge and our borrowing ratee to rise, then we'll have the kind of headache, maybe in sllw motion, that greeceehas."& republicaanplatform behind them, gop candidates willl likel
FOX News
Jul 6, 2011 8:00pm EDT
in a broader sense is locked into a virtual primary with michelle balk map. every time we hear bachman speak we say wow, that breadth of information and experience and she is a formidable woman. >> bill: a new poll in new hampshire has unfavorable ratings of sarah palin at 52% among republicans and only 23% unfavorable for m ma sell mich. she is impressive and knowledgeable and able. >> bill: you going to do polling throughout the election season. >> yes. jewish: that shows juicish americans may be bailing on president obama stvment. >> in 2008, he got 78% of the jewish vote. if the election were 4e8 held y against a generic republican he would be down 22 points. when you ask jewish voters do you support israel returning to its 196 1967 1967 borders theye it. and if you ask is obama too biased against israel. 39 say yes and 30 say no. so for the first time there is an indication that the jews who are are obama's financial base and a big part of the democratic party's political base are beginning to bail out on him. >> bill: anthat means that florida and new jersey might be impacted. not a lot o
FOX News
Jul 6, 2011 11:00pm EDT
that michelle bachman is a truly impressive person. in many ways she truly is an impressive person. i suls spect what thinks and that a lot of democrats think in the end she would prove much as sarah palin did in the end toxic to independents who would think she was too much. >> bill: too far right. >> and too prone to saying peculiar things that are off base and so on that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of ridicule that sarah palin got. >> bill: you think in the world of presidential politicians that bill clinton put this out there because the democrats want michele bachmann to be the nominee because she is easier to beat than, say, a romney would be? >> i think that is a more likely -- to the extent that he was being political about it at all, i think that is a more plausible explanation than dick morris offered where -- dick is always interesting but i think he is not always right because i think he thinks michele bachmann is dazzling and so he thinks that bill clinton thinks that. i'm skeptical of that. >> bill: this is becoming a very boring story but it is an
FOX News
Jul 24, 2011 12:00am PDT
will be back with more with congresswoman michelle bachman when we return. >>> congresswoman, i want to ask about what happens if in fact the united states does not get some type of deal done on the debt ceiling? interest rates could go up, probably will you. what will congress do to counteract that they haven't already done? >> well, again we need to pay off the interest on the debt. i don't believe the president and the congress are going to allow us to go into default. this has never happened before. it should not happen now. we have to deal with this interest on the debt. the problem is the president is insisting on increasing taxes and continuing the same run away spending. we just can't do that. he also has to get to reality. ivan invited them to come with me and travel with me and talk to the people i am talking to. that is not a gimmick. this is really honestly a blessing. >> you be sure and let me know if he takes you up on traveling to iowa and south carolina. >> i will invite you to go with us. >> i might be willing, but i don't think president obama will go with you to iowa. >>
Jul 2, 2011 9:00pm PDT
to pay more for college next fall. we joined republican presidential hopeful michelle bachman on her campaign to. we need a group of kids that will spend their first fourth of july as citizens. the check out a new camera technology that has been called game changing. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. stan has details on the bus tour through the hawkeye state. >> the gop presidential candidate michelle bauman chatted with locals and i was city diner this morning as she kicked off a bus tour through her home state. >> it is so wonderful to be back in iowa i was born and raised here. >> she stressed how vital beach state is to work and pain. >> i think i it is very important to do well here we will b
Jul 9, 2011 10:00pm EDT
tea arty favorite michelle bachman has drawn a llt oo interest. tim pawlenty is expecteddto do well in thh newt gingrich has high name recognition coupled with very reggstered voters. the wild cards could be two people who haven't officiaaly eeteredd he race, texas governoo rick & perrr and sarah palin.evva osborne comes from a family of pooitical consultants nn he says the winner will be the political consultant>"if i -&pwere a republicann i would say give me one term aad if at the end of one term youure not satisfieddwith he ob i've done, you havv the chanceeto vott mm out of office.. economy nd stagnant pnemployment will be tough. &puniversity of maryland thhir decades old mantra of cutting taxes to stimulate - thhs economy.
Jul 11, 2011 6:00am PDT
that preamble out. it's no longer in the pledge. two candidates had already signed that pledge, michele bachman, the congresswoman from neighboring minnesota and the former senator from pennsylvania. both those campaigns are doing a bit of damage control. here is what the bachman team said. in no uncertain terms, congresswoman bachman believes that slavery was horrible and economic enslavement is also horrible. and senator santorum's aide has also responded. >> michele bachman also involved in a war of words with tim pawlenty, right? south florida all about iowa. crucial state. first caucus state. very important for bachman to do well in, and pawlenty. he's known as mr. nice guy. the last couple of days, he has had tough words against bachman saying her record is nonexistence. she said we're only a month away from a crucial straw poll in iowa. i think you'll hear more of this battle between republican candidates. >> thank you so much. you can get the latest political news on >>> nasa is tracking space debris that may threaten the international space station. right now, they don
FOX News
Jul 29, 2011 8:00am PDT
to criticizing michelle bachman. we go behind the scenes with an interview on the people who run that blog. carl cameron live from washington. >> reporter: the political blogs have been around for a longtime. back in the clinton administration they became potent as a way for critics and opponents of political candidates to get their research out to the public and it's really exploded this year. they are out there for most of the republican candidates. there is one for michelle bachman that has caused a stir and seeped into the mainstream media. it's called dump it's a collection of video and audio on michelle bachman since her days as a state legislature. she is leading in polls and making a heck of a lot of noise and some of the information from the dump bachman web page, the blog has actually ended up in mainstream press, like the l.a. times and rolling stone, magazine, there you see it the dump bachman blog has got even a lot of attention. we talked to the organizers, and they say they are only trying to set the record straight using video and radio, and documented proof of their
FOX News
Jul 21, 2011 8:00am PDT
. jon: when you put michelle bachman in there she got 39% of the votes. the slight difference here is that president obama's number went up slightly to 46% versus 44% for perry. but she has the same number he has. >> again, she is considered one of the leading candidates. you'd have to say that mitt romney, perry and bachman are the top three right now. the odds are better than 50-50 that one of them will be the republican nominee. there are interesting differences in the dynamics, michelle bachman does much better among men, and rick perry a again women. jon: generally, i mean the more interesting race, i suppose, for media watchers is the race for second-place. when you put mitt romney up there against president obama he actually wins 43-42%, that's got to be inside the marriag marginf error, though. >> i would consider that a toss up. the last time we had an incumbent president in the race, howard dean was a frontrunner e polled best against george w. bush. as soon as john kerry became the frontrunner he polled the best. if anybody bests mitt romney i would expect their numbers
FOX News
Jul 4, 2011 1:00pm EDT
or myself. >> reporter: only michelle bachman and jon huntsman have not signed the pledge. bachman says she's mulling it over. huntsman says he prefers the balanced budget amendment as a stand alone issue. what are the chances of its passage? the house, very good. not so good in the senate where democrats hold a majority. some supporters are very optimistic. >> it's going to pass both houses and i will certainly not vote to raise the debt ceiling until we structural lee change the way this down does business. the only way we can do that is to force politicians to act. if it goes to the states it's not going to take four or five years. the states will move quickly to jump on something like this. i think we'll have it within a year or so. we've got to pass it out of both houses. >> reporter: the balanced budget amendment component of this would require the ratification of two-thirds of the states, that is not an unrealistic goal. the biggest hurdle is getting it through the democrat if i can dy controlled senate. >> reporter: my year is on molly henneberg. every day of the year i'm with molly
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 3:00pm PDT
than side. >> and last month, forgive me for saying that. michelle bachman has taken much of yours: you are back at one percent . why can someone pick you over bachman. what is the choice? >> the choice is simple. my entire career has been problem solving, not politics. that poll may not refrect - reflect it. the numbers reflect a different story. if you look at the latest gall up poll and in terms of positive intensity. i lead all candidates in terms of positive intensity. my name id went from 21% to 48 percent. >> are you different on the issues? >> we are close on the issues. if we are different on the fact that i have more direct hands on problem solving experience. that's where we differ. i said that before. my entire career as a problem solver and business executive . the problem solving approach is where i have stronger credentials than literally many of the other candidates. >> we get to the bottom line and in your experience, sam brownback finished third in the straw poll and felt after all of the campaigning, he had to drop out. don't you have to finish that well in iowa. >> i
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 12:00am PDT
, all they are saying is i hate michelle bachman, i hate sarah palin. and then conservative blogs say, oh, they use the f-word, and then they get eight billion times more viewers. why aren't we talking about your show that will lead into this show? it is five a five for the two-hour feature film, greg gutfeld on fox. >> have i to say the show i was on did a wonderful job. maar is a comedian. are we overreacting here? is he an angry guy? >> first of all we are 30 seconds into the show. >> i was gloating. >> and it is a joke. secondly, it is not sexist. it just happens to be about a woman. i think he is a funny guy, but he is the angriest person anybody knows. we are acquaintances on the comedy scene. he is an angry person. he orders pizza angrily. when he says that he would [bleep] her angrily, that's how heshas sex with people. it is always angrily. i just want to point out, no more f-words today. we already had four. >> fortuitous? which are we talking about? >> i will say that when he uses the word angrily "f" he is afraid of using the word rape. he used that instead, so he is a cow
FOX News
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT
media attacks michelle bachman as he is for ss forced to defends her husband headache she has foul shots fair game that's coming up next. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge. took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. 80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. lipitor is a cholesterol lowering medication, fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a
Jul 3, 2011 5:00am PDT
-old attorney is serves his fifth term in congress. his competition did this campaigning in iowa. michelle bachman visited a cedar rapids farmer's market where she shook hands. this is the first trip she made to the state, which kicks off the presidential campaign season. bachman will take her bus tour to several other cities over the next few days. >>> lisa is here now with a look what we can expect in the spare the air alert for today. >> that's right, poor air quality, and santa clara, in the eastern part of the bay area where temperatures could hit over 100 degrees today. as much as five to seven degrees warmer today than yesterday, even at the coast. prepare for that. the holiday, well, we have the forecast for that and a little fog to talk about. >> also coming up, big changes are coming to the oakland zoo to make it more of a wild animal park. ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$pxpxpxpxpñ >> carolyn: welcome back. ." it's 5:16. welcome to your holiday weekend and thank you for joining us. this is a live picture from our roof cam showing you the bay bridge there. lovely weather on tap for this weekend.
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